Possiamo imparare a imparare dai videogame?

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Learning through experiment

Un bell’articolo, sul blog del Guardian, a proposito di LittleBigPlanet e sui meccanismi di apprendimento resi possibili da videogame che iniziano a sperimentare nuovi linguaggi.

“Children describe what makes a good teacher, saying that one “explains things clearly”, “turns teaching into problem-solving rather than just giving information” and “makes sure it’s not too big steps”.

The best (videogames) developers create worlds in which players are supported and treated as individuals. Players are seamlessly introduced to the complex physical laws of the game world through a series of lesson-like opening levels. It’s then possible to progress through experimentation, rather than being flattened every five minutes for not doing it properly. LittleBigPlanet, Sony’s creative platforming game, takes a similar approach. Neither resorts to a fenced-off tutorial section, a crap invention that usually manages to patronise and bore players.

All games, like schools, can teach us about our place in the world, but only by providing a supportive framework to creativity and fun.

So the next time you get hopelessly stuck in a game, remember – it’s not your fault. You’ve simply been badly taught by the designer”


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